Current Employment Opportunities at Westbrook Health Services
Westbrook Health Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Employees wishing to be considered for any of the listed positions should submit a transfer request form to the personnel office with five calendar days of the posting.

If there are any issues applying or you have any questions, please contact

136Behavioral Health Tech I36th Street1 Full-Time & 1 Part time06/18/2017 36th St
6Behavioral Health Tech IGenesis2 Full-time08/30/2018 Genesis
12Behavioral Health Tech ICrisis LineFull Time02/1/2019 Crisis Line
31Behavioral Health Tech I159 Church StFull-time06/28/2018 Church St Spencer, WV
42Behavioral Health Tech IAmity2 Full Time10/5/2018 Amity
50Behavioral Health Tech IWilliamstown3 Full-time5/4/2018 Williamstown
29Behavioral Health Tech IIACTFulltime02/08/2019 7th St
80Benefits CoordinatorHuman ResourcesFulltime01/08/2019Bachelor's preferred7th Street
120Case CoordinatorSpencer OfficeFull Time10/26/2018Bachelor DegreeSpencer Office
72Certifier7th StreetFulltime2/19/2019Master/LICSW7th Street
57Community Engage Spec. 7th Street - Mental Health2 Fulltime10/23/2018Bachelors7th Street-Mental Health
7Consumer Assistant 2Residential – Rosemar 1Fulltime8/13/2018 Residential - Rosemar 1
116Consumer Assistant 3Residential - ViennaFulltime03/29/2018 Residential - Vienna
118Consumer Assistant 3Residential - Rosemar 2Fulltime10/20/2017 Residential - Rosemar 2
26Consumer Assistant 3Residential – Stella 2Fulltime04/19/2018 Residential – Stella 2
25Consumer Assistant IResidential – ViennaPart time11/8/208 Residential – Vienna
33Consumer Assistant IResidential – Parrish 2Full Time8/20/2018 Residential – Parrish 2
10Consumer Assistant IResidential - Foley Ave2 Full-time05/24/2018 Residential - Foley Ave
18Consumer Assistant IRosemar 1 & 2, Stella 1 (Float)Full-time04/21/2017 Rosemar 1 & 2, Stella 1 (Float)
21Consumer Assistant IResidential-Rosemar 1Full-time6/7/2018 Residential – Rosemar 1
36Consumer Assistant IResidential – 33rd B.3 Fulltime04/26/2018 Residential – 33rd B
43Consumer Assistant IResidential -Parrish 1Part-time9/13/2017 Residential – Parrish 1
47Consumer Assistant IResidential - 33rd St. B2 Part-Time09/01/2017 Residential - 33rd st B
48Consumer Assistant IResidential - Parrish 13 Full-time07/6/2018 Residential - Parrish 1
51Consumer Assistant IParrish 1 & 2,Stella 2, 33rd St B (Float)Fulltime06/26/2017 Parrish 1 & 2,Stella 2, 33rd St B (Float)
52Consumer Assistant IResidential - Rosemar 23 Full Time8/13/2018 Residential - Rosemar 2
53Consumer Assistant IResidential - Stella 11 Full time & 1 Part-time08/03/2018 Residential - Stella 1
173Consumer Assistant IResidential - Parrish 2Part-time8/20/2018 Residential - Parrish 2
174Consumer Assistant IResidential FloatFull Time1/17/2019 Wood Co I/DD Group homes
158Consumer Assistant II/DD Residential 33rd-a2 Full Time06/14/2018 33rd St A
105Consumer Assistant IResidential - Stella 23 Full-time7/30/2018 Residential - Stella 2
106Consumer Assistant I33rd St, Foley Ave, and Vienna (Float)Full-time6/26/2017 33rd St, Foley Ave, and Vienna (Float)
9Direct Support Porfessional ISpencer - 2nd StPart-time08/03/2018 Spencer - 2nd St IDD Group home
142Direct Support Professional IRoane-Chestnut St.Part-time06/19/2018 Roane-Chestnut St.
172Direct Support Professional IRoane Co-PanoramaFull-Time01/07/2019 Roane Co
84Direct Support Professional IEmerson I/DD Day programPart-time08/03/2018 Emerson I/DD Day Program
37Direct Support Professional I Roane Co - FloatFulltime03/15/2018 Roane Co - I/DD Group Homes
22Direct Support Professional ISpencer - Pike Street2 Full-time06/13/2018 Spencer – Pike Street
23Direct Support Professional IRoane Co I/DD ResidentialPRN12/08/2017 Roane Co I/DD Residential
19Direct Support Professional ISpencer I/DD Day ProgramPart-time8/27/2018 Spencer Day Program
167DriverEmerson AveFull Time8/27/2018 emerson
162Group Facilitator 1 or 2CSU2 Fulltime09/27/2018 CSU
175Group Facilitator 1 or 2CSUPart time11/15/2018Bachelor DegreeCSU
27HRSA Therapist IRoane/Jackson2 Fulltime02/17/2017Masters/Licensed Roane/Jackson CO
148Insurance Credentialing and Certification ClerkBillingFull Time2/21/2019High School Diploma/GEDBilling
126LPNMedical ServicesFulltime02/13/2019Licensed in WV7th st Medical Services
83LPNMental Health ResidentialFull Time2/1/2019Licensed in WV36th St and Williamstown
98LPN/RNSouthern RegionFulltime02/19/2019WV State LicenseSouthern Region
16Maintenance Worker7th StreetPRN11/1/2018Diploma/GED7th Street
93Prevention Specialist Wirt/Jackson CO Fulltime11/30/2018BachelorsWirt and Jackson Co
161Program DirectorAmityFulltime02/19/2019Mastor's Degree Preferred Amity
32Receptionist7th Street Fulltime1/17/2019Diploma7th Street
79RNWaiverFulltime02/19/2019Licensed in WVEmerson
81School Based Therapist Ritchie County Fulltime1/24/2019Masters/Licensed7th Street
169Secretary/Driver in ReserveMain - 7th StreetFT09/12/2018High School Diploma/GEDMain - 7th Street
14Service Coordinator ISouthern Co Case ManagmentFulltime02/21/2019Bachelor DegreeSpencer Office
177SOR Adult Suicide Intervention SpecialistWood CountyFull Time02/05/2019High School Diploma7th St
176SOR Adult Suicide Intervention SpecialistWood CountyFull Time02/05/2019Hi\7th St
178SOR Northern County Coalition Engagement SpecialisWood CountyFull Time02/05/2019High School Diploma7th St
64Therapist IPleasants CoFulltime1/19/2018MastersPleasants Co
86Therapist I7th Street2 Fulltime05/31/2018Master's/LICSW preferred7th Street
65Waiver Consumer Asst.Respite - Roane Cty. PT03/02/2018 Respite - Roane Cty.
132Waiver Consumer Asst.Respite – Jackson Co.Part-time09/12/2018 Jackson Co.
34Waiver Consumer Asst.Wood Co.FT 09/12/2018 Wood County