Current Employment Opportunities at Westbrook Health Services
Westbrook Health Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Employees wishing to be considered for any of the listed positions should submit a transfer request form to the personnel office with five calendar days of the posting.

If there are any issues applying or you have any questions, please contact

94Administrative AssistantCSUFulltime11/17/2017Diploma/GEDCSU
66Administrative DirectorMedical ServicesFulltime10/08/2016Bachelor's Degree/Master's PreferredMedical Services
58Behavioral Health Tech ICFTFull-Time11/01/2017 7th St CFT
84Behavioral Health Tech I36th StPart-time09/15/2017 36th St
136Behavioral Health Tech I36th StreetFull Time10/30/2017 36th St
12Behavioral Health Tech IPanorama DrivePart-time04/21/2017 Roane CO Panorama Dr
23Behavioral Health Tech ISpencer – 2nd St. - IDD HomePRN06/24/2016 Spencer – 2nd St. - IDD Home
30Behavioral Health Tech IAmityFulltime08/15/2017 Amity
31Behavioral Health Tech I159 Church StFull-time11/08/2017 Church St Spencer, WV
44Behavioral Health Tech I7th Street PATHPart-Time09/8/2017 7th St. PATH
80Benefits SpecialistHuman ResourcesFulltime11/13/2017Diploma/GED7th Street
61Billing ClerkBillingFulltime11/21/2017Diploma/GED7th st
120Case CoordinatorNorthern/southern Counties2 Full Time10/17/2017DiplomaNorthern/Southern Counties
72Certifier7th StreetFulltime01/26/2015Master/LICSW7th Street
127Children's LiaisonClinic Outreach LiaisonFulltime11/17/2017Bachelor's DegreeMain - 7th Street
119Clinical SupervisorJackson/Roane/CalhounFulltime02/26/2016Masters/LPC or LICSWJackson/Roane/Calhoun
118Consumer Assistant 3Residential - Rosemar 2Fulltime10/20/2017 Residential - Rosemar 2
105Consumer Assistant IResidential - Stella 2Part time11/17/2017 Residential - Stella 2
106Consumer Assistant I33rd St, Foley Ave, and Vienna (Float)Full-time6/26/2017 33rd St, Foley Ave, and Vienna (Float)
18Consumer Assistant IRosemar 1 & 2, Stella 1 (Float)Full-time04/21/2017 Rosemar 1 & 2, Stella 1 (Float)
21Consumer Assistant IResidential-30th St ViennaPart-time05/11/2017 Residential – 30th St.
10Consumer Assistant IResidential - 33rd St.AFull-time11/08/2017 Residential - 33rd St. A
33Consumer Assistant IResidential – Rosemar 1Full Time09/08/2017 Residential - Rosemar 1
25Consumer Assistant IResidential – Stella 2Full-time09/26/2017 Residential – Stella 2
26Consumer Assistant IResidential – Stella 1Fulltime05/26/2017 Residential – Stella 1
43Consumer Assistant IResidential -33rd BFull-time10/05/2017 Residential – 33rd B
47Consumer Assistant IResidential - 33rd St. BPart-Time09/01/2017 Residential - 33rd st B
48Consumer Assistant IResidential - Parrish 2Full-time09/01/2017 Residential - Parrish 2
51Consumer Assistant IParrish 1 & 2,Stella 2, 33rd St B (Float)Fulltime06/26/2017 Parrish 1 & 2,Stella 2, 33rd St B (Float)
52Consumer Assistant IResidential - Parrish 1Full-time10/17/2017 Residential - Parrish 1
53Consumer Assistant IResidential - FoleyFulltime11/17/2017 Residential - Foley Ave
147Director of I/DD ServicesI/DDFull-Time09/11/2017Bachelor's Degree / Master's PreferredEmerson I/DD
134Director of NursingMain - 7th StreetFT2/14/2017Licensed in WV7th Street
144DUI CoordinatorSubstance AbuseFulltime 08/04/2017Masters/LicensedSubstance Abuse - 7th St
149Housekeeping/Maitenance SupervisorMaitenanceFull Time11/13/2017 Parkersburg
32Receptionist7th Street2 Fulltime06/30/2017Diploma7th Street
109Residential SchedulerEmerson I/DDFulltime11/08/2017Diploma/GEDEmerson I/DD
11RNACTFulltime10/05/2017Licensed in WVACT
104Screening Referral Clerk7th StreetFulltime11/08/2017Diploma/GED7th Street
150Southern Region Mental Health Program Director Southern Region Mental HealthFull Time11/17/2017Bachelor's DegreeRoane/Jackson/Calhoun Co
86Therapist IMental Health/7th StreetFulltime05/05/2017Master's/LICSW preferred7th Street
69Therapist I7th Street - ACTFulltime04/13/2017Master's7th Street-ACT
27Therapist IRoane/Jackson2 Fulltime02/17/2017Masters/Licensed Roane/Jackson CO
34Waiver Consumer Asst.Wood Co.2 PT10/04/2017 Wood County
68Waiver Consumer Asst.Respite -Ritchie Co.PT06/15/2016 Respite -Ritchie Co.
35Waiver Consumer Asst.Wirt Co. Part-time04/08/2016 Wirt Co.