Current Employment Opportunities at Westbrook Health Services
Westbrook Health Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Employees wishing to be considered for any of the listed positions should submit a transfer request form to the personnel office with five calendar days of the posting.

If there are any issues applying or you have any questions, please contact

196AccountantFinance Full-time10/07/2019Bachelors Degree 7th Street
157AMAP 2Emerson I/DDFull time02/14/2020High School Diploma/GED Emerson office
41Behavioral Health Tech 236th StFulltime02/07/2020 Wood County 36th St
6Behavioral Health Tech IExodus - Substance Abuse Treatment4 Full-time12/16/2019 Exodus
136Behavioral Health Tech I36th Street2 Full time6/14/2019 36th St
12Behavioral Health Tech IGenesisPart-time03/13/2020 Genesis
50Behavioral Health Tech IWilliamstown3 Full-time5/14/2018 Williamstown
29Behavioral Health Tech IIACTFulltime12/05/2019 7th St ACT
57Community Engage Specialist7th Street - Mental HealthFull-time12/05/2019Bachelors7th Street-Mental Health
118Consumer Assistant 3Residential - Rosemar 22 Fulltime08/02/2019 Residential - Rosemar 2
174Consumer Assistant IResidential FloatFull Time1/17/2019 Wood Co I/DD Group homes
158Consumer Assistant IResidential - 33rd-aFull Time3/6/2020 33rd St A
105Consumer Assistant IResidential - Stella 1Full-time02/07/2020 Residential - Stella 1
106Consumer Assistant I33rd St, Foley Ave, and Vienna (Float)Full-time01/31/2020 33rd St, Foley Ave, and Vienna (Float)
43Consumer Assistant IResidential -Rosemar 2Full-time02/14/2020 Residential – Rosemar 2
48Consumer Assistant IResidential - Rosemar 2Part Time12/19/2019 Residential - Rosemar 2
33Consumer Assistant IResidential – Parish 2Part Time12/13/2019 Residential – Parrish 2
21Consumer Assistant IResidential-Stella 22 Full-time12/06/2019 Residential – Stella 2
18Consumer Assistant IRosemar 1 & 2, Stella 1 (Float)Full-time02/14/2020 Rosemar 1 & 2, Stella 1 (Float)
51Consumer Assistant IParrish 1 & 2,Stella 2, 33rd St B (Float)Fulltime12/15/2019 Parrish 1 & 2,Stella 2, 33rd St B (Float)
52Consumer Assistant IResidential - Parish 1Full-time02/21/2020 Residential - Parish 1
53Consumer Assistant IResidential - Stella 1 Part-time8/30/2019 Residential - Stella 1
10Consumer Assistant IResidential - Foley Ave2 Full-time5/22/2019 Residential - Foley Ave
191Criminal Justice Peer Support SpecialistPeer RecoveryFull-time9/18/2019High School Diploma/GEDParkersburg
9Direct Support Porfessional IEmerson I/DD Day Program2 Full Time02/21/2020 Parkersburg - Emerson Office
195Direct Support Professional 2Roane County I/DDFull-time0927/2019 Residential - Roane County
189Direct Support Professional 3I/DDFull-time02/21/2020 I/DD Day Program
172Direct Support Professional IRoane Co- Day Program and Spring STFull-Time10/11/2019 Roane Co-Residential
133Direct Support Professional I Emerson I/DD PRN12/06/2019 Emerson I/DD
19Direct Support Professional ISpencer I/DD Day ProgramPart-time5/23/2019 Spencer Day Program
23Direct Support Professional IRoane Co - FloatFull-time02/07/2020 Roane Co I/DD Residential
37Direct Support Professional I Roane Co - FloatPRN06/13/2019 Roane Co - I/DD Group Homes
180Group Facilitator 1 or 2Float (CSU and Substance Abuse)Full time01/21/2020Bachelor's Degree (Social Services Field) PreferredFloat
92LPNI/DD ResidentialFulltime03/05/2020Licensed in WVParkersburg I/DD Residential
83LPNFloat LPNFull Time01/13/2020Licensed in WVFloat
184LPNCSU2 Full Time03/13/2020Licensed in WVMedical Services Parkersbrug
165Peer Recovery Support SpecialistQRTFull Time01/17/2020High School Diploma/GED, BBHHF TrainingWood and Tyler County
14Service Coordinator ILEADFulltime03/13/2020Bachelor Degree7th Street
64Therapist I7th Street MATFulltime11/01/2019Masters7th Street Mat Program
69Therapist ISubstance Abuse/Male's ProgramFulltime08/23/2019Master's7th Street SA/Male's Program
152Utilization Management SpecialistBillingFull Time1/2/2020Bachelor's Degree (Social Services Field) PreferredBilling Office 7th St
132Waiver Consumer Asst.Respite – Jackson Co.Part-time09/12/2018 Jackson Co.