Children and Family Services

Adolescent Services

  The journey from childhood to adulthood is often confusing and sometimes scary. For many teens, the temptations and frustrations are overwhelming. Depression and substance abuse are pitfalls that many adolescents are unable to avoid. However, poor choices can be overcome.
  The professionals at Westbrook Health Services believe in promoting the well-being of young people and increasing their ability to learn good decision making skills and achieve productive lives. With individual, group and family therapy options, teens can take control of their lives and create their own bright futures.

Adolescent Services Include:

Out-Patient Therapy

  The Out-patient Therapy Program provides for access to staff with a wide array of therapeutic techniques to meet the needs of the child and family. With Treatment Team input, the therapist may address a variety of issues including, but not limited to: grief, sexual abuse, school phobia/anxiety, mild psychosis, conduct disorders, trauma and physical abuse.

Psychological/Psychiatric Services

  The Psychological Services Program allows for access to a Licensed Psychologist for a wide range of psychological services, including various psychological tests and assessments. The Psychiatric Services Program allows for access to a Psychiatrist for as-needed medical and psychopharmacological services.

School Based Mental Health Program

Pleasants County:
  • Belmont Elementary School
  • St. Marys Elementary School
  • Pleasants County Middle School
  • St. Marys High School

Wood County:
  • McKinley Elementary School

Supervised Visitation Program
  At Westbrook Health Services, treatment is a family matter. Having adequate support and guidance is especially important for young people making the journey to recovery and wellness.
  For those situations where parent and child contact must be overseen by a neutral, professional observer, Westbrook is pleased to provide a supervised visitation. Supervised visitation permits children to have contact with their non-custodial parents in a monitored and comfortable setting, while ensuring that the child has a safe and enjoyable visit.
  Supervised Visitation referrals are routinely made by the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), but the recommendations of attorneys, clergy, physicians and other helping professionals are welcome as well.
Supervised Visitation Services Include:
  • Supervised Visitation I(SVI) - A visitation monitor is present during the visit to observe the family contact, assure safety ad document the visit activities for use in required reports.
  • Supervised Visitation II(SVII) - A Bachelor's level case manager participates in the visit, assessing parental strengths and offering supportive advice to improve the interaction. The case manager completes required reports detailing the visit progress made by the family.
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation(TSV) - A Master's level therapist participates in the visit, asseses the need for further intensive therapy, and aids the family in both coping with the visit situation and in improving their interaction patterns.

For further information send an e-mail to Children and Family Services.