Schools Tackling At

Risk Stuations

  STARS is intended to help young people understand behaviors that may indicate a serious problem, what the consequences of certain behaviors may be, and empower students to get help for themselves or others. Students are provided with guidebooks that are to serve as a starting point for exploring the issues that are prevalent among youth populations. A display in the school will further highlight one of the topic areas each month.
  As the program develops, communities will have the opportunity to host forums on these topics with the goal of increasing awareness of these issues. Ideally, members of each community will become comfortable enough with the information that they can recognize when a person is in need of help, feel comfortable enough to take action, and know where people can go to get the help they need.

    STARS 2011-2012 Topics:
  • Anger & Violence
  • Bullying & Peer Pressure
  • Depression
  • Dropping Out
  • Eating Disorders
  • Homelessness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suicide

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The Schools Tackling At Risk Situations (STARS) program was developed by Westbrook Health Services and Regional Education Service Agency Five (RESA V).
STARS has been made possible by grants provided by The Ross Foundation and The Bernard McDonough Foundation.